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You are invited to come show support for our local
police officers, EMT's and firemen/women.



You are invited to come show support for our local
police officers, EMT's and firemen/women.
BluBearz 'N Friendz is thankful to all our first responders and what they do, and are willing to do, for our community. From time to time we sponsor BluDay; this is just one way that our community can say 'thank you'.

What is BluDay? It's a day that you have the opportunity to come shake hands with firefighters, police officers and EMT's. We will feed any first responder (whether on duty or off duty) and their families from 3 to 5. Please remember, these men and women may be called to an emergency and might not be able to be at BluBearz.

These brave men and women never know what their day or night will hold. Neither do their families.

Did you know that Coffee County has many volunteer firefighters? What exactly, does that mean? It means that a  that volunteers get $0 for their work and efforts.

What is expected of these men and women? They spend hours of their personal time:

  • training
  • cleaning the fire station and fire trucks
  • keeping a pager with them at all times
  • waking up in the middle of the night to respond to various emergencies
  • working accident scenes
  • fighting house fires

It means that one  day or night, a volunteer firefighter may save the life of you or a loved one.


Trash can turkey is here!! Mikey has had so many requests to teach his famous trash-can turkey that he's finally agreed to demonstrate his process!

And could his timing be better than the weekend before Thanksgiving??? Mikey will demonstrate his tried and true version of how to make this tender, juicy, delectable turkey that is sure to become a favorite!!


Plus author ShELAH will be here to sign copies of her new cookbook:
Made By Men Who Claim They Can Cook-Book

And guess who the illustrator is???
Our own local
Clint Clarneau!!!

He will be at BluBearz to sign your copy, too!!

(Mikey has been part of the our local theater for 35 years, has been on radio and TV - now he's in a book! Find his recipe for trashcan turkey here! And Daisy is in the book, too!)


There will be 2 demonstration sessions for trash can turkey:

Morning session starts at 945 and the first turkey will come off the fire at 1145

Afternoon session starts at 1245 and will come off the fire at 245

Author ShELHA and Illustrator Clint Clarneau of

Made by Men Who Claim The Can Cook-Book

Making trash can turkey With Mikey Sneed!!!

(More activities to be posted soon!!! Keep watching :)


At BluBearz 'N Friendz we make, teach and now sell, arts and crafts!

Isn't fall great? The brisk air, vibrant colors, pumpkins, apple cider, craft fairs. The only problem is that it's gone too soon!

BluBearz 'N Friendz can help! We are excited to announce that we have brought together a group of skilled artisans in one place, allowing you to purchase unique items and gifts year-round.  We have beautiful pieces that are sure to inspire you and your friends.

Would you like to learn a new skill or craft? We have amazing teachers that love helping you develop new skills or grow your current talents to the next level. That includes cooking, too!

At BluBearz 'N Friendz we love to have you stop by to browse around and chat a spell!

Crafting w/Mikey Sneed
Silver Soldering
Dremel Tool Crafts

Wouldn't these make unique Christmas gifts to be cherished by the receiver for a lifetime? Mikey will teach you to make these adorable projects, or they will be available for purchase soon!

So just what is the difference between welding and silver soldering?

Welding is joining or fusing pieces of metal together after making the metal soft by using heat on the metal.
Soldering is heating metals without melting them and often requires more care.
Silver solder is an alloy (usually a combination of silver, lead and tin) that is  melted between pieces of metal together.
Often the piece will be hammered to bend the metal and frequently the piece will need to be polished to get a smooth finish and shiny luster.

Visit the Welding/Soldering page for details.

Class sizes are small, so reserve your spot now! Ages 14 and up for all these pages.

Email or call 931-913-2327